JFK now
also Louis
and Jim's
"Life" book

Ann's work at CCACA CLICK HERE - more later taking part in the Annual California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art. Some of that work and her other ceramics are
in her book in progress - just click book at right.
Jim Vestal is a retired photojournalist with more than 40 years newspaper experiences. He retired from the Contra Costa Times
(Walnut Creek, CA) in 1996, after working for five years for New York Newsday and 21 years at The Sacramento Union (CA) as the Picture Editor. Prior to those positions he was a news photographer for the Redding Record-Searchlight and the San Luis Obispo (CA) Telegram-Tribune, where he was the National Press Photographer Association's Photographer of the Year for Region Ten in 1966 and 1967. He was the first Military Photographer of the Year as awarded by the University of Missouri, Enclyclopedia Britannica, and the Pentagon, for his work at the Korea Bureau for Pacific Stars & Stripes in 1961. By 1967 Jim was at the Lyndon Johnson White House with Lady Bird to celebrate at OEO movie titled "Pancho" that was based on and used his photos from the Telegram-Tribune on the new Head Start program when it got underway in 1965-66. At The Union, It won three national color usage awards from Editor & Publisher Magazine, Best Use of Photographs three times from C.P.P.A., Picture Editor of the Year 1984, the only time the award was made. The paper was a consistant photography awards winner in the C.N.P.A. annual awards for The Union staff photographers; Henry Au, Joe Donovan, Gary Fong, Gary Gillis, Don Minnick, David Paul Morris, Bob Moore, Bryan Patrick, Rich Pendroncelli, Jerry Rainbolt, Scott Sommerdorf, and Steve Yeater - a few shooters still today. Jim started in photography with his brother Sam, a news photographer for the Watsonville (CA) Register Pajaronian for over 30 years. The R-P was the 1956 Pulitzer Prize gold medal winner for public service, highlighting the fact that Sam was held at gunpoint, camera smashed by the crook's henchman, during the investigation of the county District Attorney who was in his pocket.
Sam was also a Stars & Stripes photographer in Germany in 1952-53. Sam passed in 2002.
Jim and his wife Ann, a graphic artist, and now ceramicist and painter live in the East Bay from San Franciso. Jim retired (again) after five
years teaching photography and photojournalism at California State University, Hayward. The two stay active in their professions
at home, but prefer to summer and visit the Lake Tahoe resorts, travel from South East Asia, to Europe, and most recently South America.
They returned from that trip in March, 2014, with fifteen days in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil - click on any book cover to view.
Just this May 27 at four National Parks, a Highlander (TSA FREE!) enjoyable ride where my suitcase was always 20 feet from motel room!
NO WAITING, See my/ his self-published books via www.Blurb.com of those activities, whatever may catch Jim's interests.
Take a look at "MY TIME - MY DIME, Travel by Following the Sun," over 55 Years = 200 pages.

Jim's Jet flights and more, even the Red Baron Pizza Biplanes,
but I missed Santas's ride the other nights Watsonville, CA!
Soon my July B-day
and Click covers to
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"Pancho's" trip to The White House March 13, 1967,
in Amazon and the 26 minute movie view through here.
Visit the Grand Tetons and more.
Take in rodeo action in Cheyenne.
Look at New York City and WTC.
See Santorini & Sea Diamond sinks.
JFK in California, Frank Sinatra sings
Sam Vestal in Europe "Stars & Stripes"
Preview South America,& California fair.
Take a look at a bus trip to South America with
32 others last March with visits in Chile, Brazil, and Argentina plus the world famous Iguassu Falls.
Jim's re-edited "Come Fly With Me" book is now
available showing high performance jet flights
with the Korean Air Force, U.S.A.F., and U.S. Navy,
View San Miguel de Allende - and then fly off to the Scotland book.
Greece was fun as we island hopped by ferry, with pictures every where, click pages.
A look into the Vestal
brothers entry in to their
photojournalism careers.
55 years with 200 travel
pages of photo history
Action at Sacramento River
Train & Oakdale shoot-outs.
Here is a wet look
of Ann as we visit
Iguassu Falls in
Brazil with 32 other smartTour travelers over 15 days on a
bus and five more
airplane adventures
in Chile, Argentina,
and Brazil. The dry
look pictures of us
were made a few
days earlier at a
ranch during a
Gaucho Fiesta.
Click here to access Jim's books where he enjoyed to be in the
company of people like LBJ, JFK, RFK, John Kerry, Clint Eastwood,
Buzz Aldrin, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Morgan Fairchild,
Lady Bird, Sonny Bono, many jazz greats and movie/television
stars up close and personable - over 40 years in and around
the world for his newspapers or just for fun including high
performance jet flights, skiing fun, and a mixed bag of travel.
Click book covers and Pancho photo to see
him or some musicians in Nashville last year.
With Glenn Campbell's daughter, center here.
Now it is years later, on March 13, 2016, Pancho was a grown
man. My daughter Jennifer (in color pix: holding son Henry)
was born March 6th, 1967, when he became a celebrated
White House star in the movie made for the HEAD START
program, premiered that day: Click picture above to see my
2016 book. Or type: